Become Local for a Day

Experience the Street Food of Oaxaca in an Authentic Way

We will visit the most popular markets in the city and will eat as locals used to do. We’ll taste 20+ traditional dishes and beverages not only from the region but in the state.

Our first stop will be at an organic market where sellers look to preserve the tradition of preparing their food using natural products. They serve them in dishes made of natural materials such as clay.

The second stop is at Chocolate Mayordomo, one of the most popular chocolate sellers in Oaxaca. We will learn about the ingredients and the process as well as taste it.

Then we’ll go to November 20th Market, best known for its food, there we will try their star dishes: mole and carne asada (Oaxaca’s BBQ)

Finally, we will go to Benito Juarez Market, which is full of handcrafted items and delicious food. We will taste a Taco Placero, regional sweets, and artisan Nieve.

This is an unforgettable experience; you won’t miss anything. You’ll go hand in hand with a local, passionate about her food and culture. Don’t be afraid and Become a local for a day.

You can search our specific tour dates and if the date you’re looking for doesn’t appear, please contact us and we will find the way to acommodate you

We have a minimum of 2 guests per tour. In case we don’t reach the minimum. The experience will be canceled.