Discover the authentic flavors of Oaxaca. We are more than just a business: we are passionate women committed to supporting local and fair trade.

Step out of the crowds and venture beyond the tourist center to immerse yourself in our vibrant city's authentic hustle...

Whether you're a flavors hunter, a lover of unique food, or someone searching for new culinary experiences, our Signature Markets...

Did you know Mesoamerica's diet was primarily plant-based before the Spanis Conquer? Immerse yourself in a unique culinary experience as...

Full refund for cancellations made at least 48 hours before the tour time. 50% refund for cancellations made within 48 hours before the tour time. 

Guests who are “No-Shows” — guests who do not show up for their scheduled tour time or are not present when the tour leaves the starting point (10 minutes after the tour’s scheduled start time) are not eligible for refund or rescheduling.

We also offer the option of rescheduling with no extra fee, upon request and availability.  Tours that are rebooked cannot be refunded even prior to the 48-hour cancelation window.

Yes, the degustation menu is included in the price, however, extra samples or additional beverages not included in the original tour will be covered by guests.

All of our listed prices are in Mexican Pesos (MXN).

Not a problem! we can accommodate you upon request and availability

No, all of our tours are offered during the morning. The latest we offer them is noon, since the later we hit the markets the less food we find and the more crowded they are.

Also, during spring and summer temperatures can reach up to 35°C or 90°F not making it enjoyable to stroll the city.

Yes! Our Signature Markets Tour is Vegetarian friendly. Although we like to make it clear that The Meat Alley is one of our stops, we can find a way to make it enjoyable.

We also offer a 100% Vegan Tour.

Absolutely! Oaxaca diet is corn-based so gluten won´t be a problem.

Please mention your dietary restrictions and any allergies when you book your tour.

No, all tours end at Mercado Benito Juárez, only one block away from Zócalo.

Your guide will happily give you directions to return to our meeting point or your hotel.

Unfortunately, there is no way we can guarantee you won´t get sick. we´ve been in business since 2019 working with the same vendors and we know their quality and safety standards, however, the amount of food, new ingredients, spices, and fat content in the food we try may be very different from your regular diet

If you are extremely concerned about getting sick or you have a sensitive stomach, a food tour might not be a right fit for you.

Yes, children and babies are more than welcome in all of our tours. 

As a mother, I also know that traveling together as a family is very important, so my goal is to make this experience as memorable and enjoyable for everyone as possible.

No. Unfortunately, markets are very narrow, and during peak season, extremely crowded.

In addition, many of the sidewalks and streets in the city are not conducive to wheelchairs or strollers.

For babies, our suggestion is to bring baby carriers.

Absolutely. As a team, we can handle bigger groups. Please send us a request at

We work with market stands and small businesses, and market vendors need to be paid in cash and they don´t provide sales receipts, we can´t charge you with credit card because there´s no way we can take that money out of our bank accounts and pay the vendors while operating as a legal and stablished company. We will use that money during the tour to pay the vendors and tip them.

Yes, Oaxaca and Mexican food is cheap but you are paying for more than food, you are paying for:

  •  Countless of hours researching the city to find the best stalls
  • A small group experience
  • A guide who gets paid a fair wage
  • Fair payments for our vendors, even if you had a tasting we are paying full price
  • Tips for the vendors
  • Taxes (lots of taxes)
  • Operational costs
  • Our profit, this is a business after all
  • Sharing our knowledge on culture, tradition, history and gastronomy.