Altar Todos Santos

An intimate experience with your hosts Betsy and Luis, but also a special guest who will provide the spirits for the night: Samuel. We have different backgrounds and grew up with very different types of celebrations for Todos Santos / Día de Muertos. We planned an informative explanation and traditional atmosphere at home to share with you.

We all are going to prepare delicious tamales with mole and other local ingredients to include in the altar, and also to have dinner. Hot chocolate and mezcal will be part of the drinks selection that evening. All as we do it normally every year. If you feel like, you can bring a photo of a beloved person or persons that are not among us anymore, to include it in the altar.

We will also be assembling our own altar and sharing with you our tradition with a historic and contextual approach to understand how this tradition has been changing throughout time. We are going to have a photo session of the evening so you will have photos of yourself and the altar as well.

I hope you liked the illustration on top of this page; it was made by Luis and all the participants will be part of the raffle to win the original watercolor piece.

The price per person is 2,200 Mexican Pesos. You can save your spot with a 500 Pesos deposit and pay in cash the rest the day of the event if you wish so. Use the coupon DEPOSIT500 during checkout.

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