Oaxaca Street Food Tour
Join Us in this Experience Especially Crafted for Foodies
Eat Like a Local
In One of the Most Vibrant Food Destinations

Eating with a Local at the Markets

Learn about authentic food in Oaxaca and eat just like a local by visiting most traditional markets and discover why Oaxaca is a top food destination.

Experience the authentic food of Oaxaca, one of the Top 10 Gastronomic Destinations in Mexico. Learn how the locals eat. Make new Friends. Join us and Have Fun Learning about the Oaxaca Food Scene.

Oaxaca Street Food Tour

Central de Abastos Food Tour

Let’s explore the largest market in Oaxaca. This market could be a bit intimidating. It’s not, let us accompany you in a food experience around our selection of favorite places to eat in Central de Abastos de Oaxaca.

Oaxaca Street Food Tour

My Favorite Oaxaca Food Dishes

Are you planning to visit Oaxaca? You may need to know why Oaxaca food is one of the highlights of Mexico. Let me introduce you to the Traditional food of Oaxaca.
Here, you can find a list of the most traditional and delicious dishes local people eat day by day.

Markets in Oaxaca. Where to Eat?

Markets during Mexico’s story are crucial not only for the economy but also for society. As a result, a Market is a place where you can find fresh fruits and veggies, a wild variety of handcraft, textiles, pottery, and of course, food.
Here’s a list of traditional Markets in Oaxaca city that you don’t wanna miss on your next trip.

Private Tours

If you cannot attend any of the available dates or need a private or tailored tour, send me a message.

Cooking Classes

If you’re looking for a cooking class, I recommend Nomad Cook Nixtamal, Tortillas & Salsas class.


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